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2024 NSA Winter Conference
J.W. Marriott Washington DC
Washington, DC


Visit with your representatives in the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives

Advocacy is an important function of the National Sheriffs’ Association. The U.S. Congress creates legislation which affect Sheriffs and their communities. Legislative topics meaningful to Sheriffs include policing issues, telecom, medical care, national security, and many more. It is crucial to work with the Congress to educate lawmakers on these issues and to thank our supporters who recognize the vital role of law enforcement.

The purpose of Hill Day is to have the Sheriffs speak directly to their Congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. This opportunity gives us the chance to help promote our key issues important to us by directly interacting with policymakers.

Congressional leaders look forward to meeting with residents from their districts and rely upon their input when making decisions. As a participant in the NSA Hill Day, you can highlight issues important to Sheriffs and establish a personal connection with your lawmakers and their staffers.

Logistics of Hill Day:

  • To make your time most impactful, only constituents of each Senator and Representative will meet with that particular Congressperson. To ensure that this process goes smoothly, please let that NSA staff know of your intention to participate in Hill Day well before the event. This will help NSA compile an accurate list of attendees for each Senator and Representative.
  • Due to current restrictions in the Capitol complex, COVID, and security concerns, the full name of each attendee must be submitted to the Congressional offices in advance. A Congressional staffer from each office will meet the groups of attendees at predetermined entrances and escort the attendees both to and from the meetings. NSA will make all of these arrangements.
  • Some Congressional offices have current policies of not holding meetings in their offices. NSA is working to provide alternate locations to meet with those Members of Congress. Constituents of those Congresspersons will be notified prior to Hill Day.

We are excited to have the Sheriffs in Washington, DC and look forward to a successful Hill Day!