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2022 NSA Winter Conference
J.W. Marriott Washington DC
Washington, DC


Scheduled Technology Seminars

The Montgomery, OH, FaceTime Standoff

Saturday, February 8
2:15pm – 3:15pm

The Montgomery FaceTime Standoff is a presentation which stems from an incident that occurred in South Euclid, Ohio on August 1, 2017. On that date, on an ex-professional athlete/domestic violence suspect declared an intent to commit the homicides of his children, his wife, and law enforcement officers at a daycare in the city. The entire incident was recorded via WOLFCOM Body Worn camera and includes on camera interviews with the responding officers, EDGE SWAT Team Leader Sgt. Mike O’Connor, and media coverage from ABC Cleveland Channel 5. In addition to allowing those in attendance to experience the troubling call via “real-time,” it demonstrates firsthand the importance of regular training within an agency, as well as nearby jurisdictions.The focal point of the presentation however, is to demonstrate to the audience how FaceTime can be utilized as an investigative tool in a troubling incident.

Presenter:  TBD
Room:  Justice (M Level)
Track: Technology

UAS – Drone Enforcement for Local Communities

Sunday, February 9
1:30pm – 2:30pm

Panel discussion of the evolution in state and local response to incidents and violations of UAS-drone flights, laser illuminations, and other aviation emergencies.  This includes the relationship between the FAA and responding agencies. Content includes: The Problem: 3,000 reported drone incursions in airport-controlled airspace, 6,700 reported laser illuminations of pilots, drones grounding firefighting and rescue flights, and the growing numbers of citizens complaints. UAS-drones over jails, prisons, and correctional facilities. National and international response:  FAA, DHS, and other initiatives, including a Congressional mandate for the reporting of all federal, state, and local incidents and violations. INTERPOL publication of Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident for 194 countries. Target Audience: Sheriffs, senior staff and policy-makers, field operations commanders and supervisors, aviation and field LEO’s. Stakeholders: Lawmakers, public safety leaders (fire, rescue, incident command (ICS), and legal and media communities. 

Presenter:  John Abbey, Chief of Police (R), Safeflight Corp., Gainesville, FL.
Room:  Justice (M Level)
Track: Technology