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2022 NSA Winter Conference
J.W. Marriott Washington DC
Washington, DC

Law Enforcement Operations

Scheduled Law Enforcement Operations Seminars

The Belmar Bomber

Monday, February 10
1:00pm – 2:00pm

The Belmar Bomber is a case study assembled to debrief a standoff with a barricaded bombing subject in Cleveland Heights Ohio, on January 25th 2018. Shortly after being informed of his upcoming eviction, Szilard Takacs, a troubled ex-chemical engineer, gathered bomb making supplies, and barricaded himself inside his home. After doing so, he contacted the Cleveland Heights Police Department, daring officers  to respond to the residence, where he would proceed to “fight them to the death to protect his home.”  While inside, the subject worked diligently to assemble the bomb for detonation in the highly populated Cleveland Heights Coventry Village Neighborhood. In his manifest, the subject taunted EDGE SWAT Operators to enter the residence, where they would meet their demise. The Power Point Presentation contains hundreds of slides, including excerpts of the subjects original threat(s) to Law Enforcement, photos of the device he assembled, and a videos extracted from Body Camera. It offers tremendous insight into the Standoff, and allows those in attendance to dissect the incident as it unfolds. The Belmar Bomber Case Study reveals the numerous challenges faced by EDGE Negotiators, uniformed police officers, and first responders, from over 12 separate Cleveland area agencies.

Presenter:  Joe Di Lillo, Public Information Officer, South Euclid Police Department, Willoughby, OH
Room:  Justice (M Level)
Track: Law Enforcement Operations